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Sigur Ros film coming to Copenhagen

UPDATE: My Danish translator just told me that the band are playing a 30 minute acoustic set after the film.

Fans of Sigur Ros can catch their tour film, Heima, (Icelandic for ‘At Home’) at Vega later this month.

Judging by the trailer, it looks like a stunning piece of work.

Ticket info here.





Copenhagen quickly

Zeleste in the clouds – When English goes horribly, horribly wrong

Sweet Talk – Come and see Spoiled Milk talk. They’ll be the ones in panda suits.

Copenhagen fashion on the rise – Monocle magazine reports on how August’s Copenhagen Fashion week was the most successful yet.

Pink Moustache on the decks – Come and see my good friend Frederik Cordes play some records at Apparatet this Saturday. 

Copenhagen quickly

Copenhagen to get its first floating hotel.

Can you spot the error in this report? Looks like it’s going to be the world’s biggest hotel.

Wonderland Magazine release party this Saturday. 

I like this magazine and I like Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band who are playing at the party.

Turboweekend release party at Stengade on Monday.  

My favourite Danish band at the moment. . . they sound a bit like Steely Dan. Only with synthesisers and silly costumes. I’m definitely going to this.

And then God created Lego


Lego (an abbreviation for lege godt, meaning play well in Danish) is a popular toy which enhances kids’ problem-solving skills in playful and fun ways. There’s no doubting its positive impact on popular culture and children’s entertainment.

But clearly its ambitions don’t end there. Now they want to build the housing of the future.

Well not Lego exactly but Copenhagen-based architectural superheroes Bjarke Ingels Group.

Their latest project is Lego Towers, described by them as an attempt to ‘utilize the modularity and rationality of the Danish modernistic building tradition to create a new kind of expressive architecture.’

Take a tour of their frankly mind-blowing vision.

Copenhagen street style

Is a cool street photography blog I just discovered.

Quite why I haven’t found it before, i’m not sure.

Anyway, check it out by clicking on this word right here.

Incidentally, ages ago I started a Flickr group called Copenhagen Street Style but it’s only got about 40 members and no-one posts any pics in there anymore.


News round-up

A couple of things of interest today:

Danish police have arrested several people on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. (BBC News report)

Ungdomshuset activists plan 69 demonstrations for 6/9. (Link via Russell.)

Ungdomshuset activists reform


Well, they never really went away actually. But last night was their biggest action for a while.

Yesterday marked six months since the demolition of Ungdomshuset and the milestone was celebrated with customary restraint by the activists – a looting and rioting spree in Nørrebro.

TV2 has the full story here, while English readers can get more info from the Beeb here.

On a related note, when they’re not raping and pillaging around Nørrebro, the activists are busy with a campaign to persuade the government to furnish them with a new home, an old waterworks on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

They say that unless their demands are met by October 6 – G-Dag – there is going to be trouble. Big trouble.

Read about Aktion G13 here.

Update: Fellow Cph blogger Isabel found herself caught up in proceedings last night; my pics following the aftermath of the December 16 Ungdomshuset riots last year.