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Pownce revisited

The New York Times has delved into the debate on Pownce. I still quite can’t figure out if it’s a genuinely useful service or just another way of wasting my life.

Anyway, they sent me a bunch of new invites the other day. If anyone wants one, just drop me a mail or leave me a comment.


Life is beautiful

Melancholy has often been close at hand, tangible, as real as the face in the mirror.

But things change. Where once sadness would took root, spread like ivy, grasping, clinging – now its blooms flower briefly, wither and die.

I have little to complain of, and so much that is good. I have love and friendship, health, beautiful memories, and the hope of more.

If I have optimism, it has been hard won.

Though my struggle, such as it has been, was nothing compared to that of Alice Herz-Sommer.  I hope you read her story.

Incidentally, I found the link over at Medway Exiles. It’s my favourite blog, even if Tim doesn’t post as much as he should. 😉

‘I’m blogging the f**k out of my morning’

Boys on bikes

The shit is really gonna hit the fan here . . .

Dane Michael Rasmussen had been leading the Tour de France for the past 10 days and was basically set to win the whole event.

But suspicions that he has been cheating had been growing and it seems that for one reason or another, his team felt those suspicions left them with little choice but to sack him.

It’s difficult to convey to readers back home how deeply ingrained cycling in all its forms is in the national psyche here.

Also, Denmark’s comparatively small size leads to a situation where individuals who make an impact on the world stage – either sporting or cultural – achieve almost God-like status here.

Danish cultural mores mean that those individuals, such as Rasmussen, are not viewed as superior or intrinsically more worthy than anyone else, but are instead celebrated for demonstrating Danish excellence abroad.

Rasmussen would not have been a popular winner of le Tour, but the Chicken, as he is known here, would nevertheless have struck a blow on the global stage for his compatriots.

Denmark is one big family. This will hit them hard.

The Tough Alliance

Pretty cool name for a band whose members are two skinny Swedish boys who wear vests.

There’s a bit of an Animal Collective vibe to this – it’s summer if it ever stopped effing raining.

The Tough Alliance.

Found at the awesome Gorilla Vs Bear. 

Permission to shoot?

As some of you may have seen, I contribute to the photographic blog Copenhagen girls on bikes.

In recent weeks, some friends have questioned whether what I am doing is ethically sound and I would be interested to gain some more perspectives.

Have a look at the blog and let me know your thoughts.

In researching street photography techniques, I came across this thread on Flickr which raises some interesting points. It seems that the majority of photographers on there feel that asking for permission first makes it impossible to get truly candid shots.

Me? I just shoot, shoot, shoot. Deal with questions later. Or in my case, ride off fast. 😉

Incidentally, while roaming round the Flickr universe I came across the work of Gary Isaac. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

The day the Internet died

This is very funny, ‘one man’s heroic struggle to rebuild his Flickr album’ . . .