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Peaceful protest

I walked out of Kvickly today and straight into a march in support of Ungdomshuset.


Unlike last time, though, this one was peaceful and had the air of a street carnival with trumpeters, stilt-walkers, unicyclists and plenty of other entertainers all joining in.

Several hundred marchers gathered outside the house where they listened to a speech thanking everyone for their support.

Everyone was then invited in for coffee and cake. How Danish is that?!

Thankfully I had my camera so I took a few shots while I was outside. Just click on My Flickr to see them.


Bad day

Not only do I have a stinking cold, and not only have the England cricket team been annhilated by Australia, but I am also forced to work while the rest of the world luxuriates in front of the telly contentedly farting off the excess turkey.

I also have an itchy arse and the key broke off in my bike lock this morning.

New header

Thanks to Mikael Colville-Andersen for the stunning picture you see above as the new header for Something rotten.

For more of Mikael’s superb shots of Copenhagen (and elsewhere), click here.

Happy Christmas

I just typed out a lengthy post wishing you all a Happy Christmas and explaining that I really appreciate you all taking the time to read this blog but the Internet ate it so now this is all you’re getting.

I’ll be back blogging on the 27th, have a great one.


A Christmas story

Yesterday I was thinking that this is possibly the least Christmassy I have ever felt.

That sense of magic, expectation, wonder etc – waning since I was about six anyway – had almost totally evaporated.

But that all changed last night.

Cycling home, I saw a dark object up ahead on the bike path.

A few cyclists ahead of me just skirted round it but as I arrived I saw it was a girl’s bag.

I picked it up, looked around and then got off my bike and waited.

I wandered up and down that stretch of the road but no-one came back so I cycled home.

I got in and Anne and I had a look though the bag.

It belonged to a girl called Tina and there was pretty much everything in there you’d expect to find in a girl’s bag, as well as a gift for someone that she had bought from Illum.

I had hoped for a phone or an ID card – something concrete which would help us track her down. But Anne knew what to do.

She simply typed the girl’s name into Krak, a kind of online Yellow Pages which also offers personal information, and up popped Tina’s phone number.

I called her. She answered instantly and with so much hope in her voice that I couldn’t help but smile.

I explained that I’d found her bag and she seemed lost for words. But maybe she just couldn’t find the right words in English.

I passed the phone to Anne and she did the rest.

A quarter of an hour later, Anne and I were outside our building waiting for Tina. A fog had fallen and the temperature had dropped.

Throughout the street, people’s Christmas lights twinkled dimly in their windows, faint beacons in the darkness.

Tina arrived with her brother who had been helping her search for the bag.  She was so grateful and happy that it nearly bought a tear to my eye.

She said in Danish that it was the best Christmas present that she could ever get.

Tina’s brother, who seemed a shy sort of lad, then pulled out two big bottles of Jacobsen’s Ale which he gave to us.

Merry Christmases all round and that was it. Anne and I went back inside and Tina and her brother set off through the fog for home.

Band t-shirts

It’s a sad fact of life that band tops only look good on girls.shout-out-louds.JPG

I bought a t-shirt at a gig once and I think I wore it to the gym twice and then used it as a kind of all-purpose boy-rag.

But girls can pull it off without looking like they’re trying too hard to be cool.

Men on the other hand just look like losers with such a limited sense of their own identity that they have to physically display their allegiance to a band which, in their own heads at least, best represents what they’re all about.

The Blakes

I bleedin’ hate MySpace but sometimes it’s the only way to hear new music.


Anyway, go and check out the tunes at their page, here.

Lintwalk is probably the pick of the bunch.

I love that they’re from Seattle but their picture makes them look like a bunch of indie-victims in a Camden boozer.