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Bankeraat is probably the strangest little cafe I’ve found in Copenhagen.

Stuffed animals abound. Louche artist types lounge around reading the thoughtfully provided array of foreign papers, staff sit at the bar smoking and drinking red wine.

This is boho paradise. I expected an improv poetry reading to begin at any moment.

I had nachos and a cappucino and sat next to a stuffed pelican who leaned over and explained that I hadn’t paid the tithe. When I asked what he meant he regurgitated a kipper onto my lap and flew off through the open window.

Not really. It was a herring.

It’s a lovely little place actually. It’s open til midnight and quite close to the centre of town so it’s a great place to start a night. If I lived any nearer I’d make it my local and probably make loads of annoyingly hip friends and grow a one-sided mullet.

Where: Copenhagen K (corner of Nansensgade and Ahlefeldtsgade)




Hi, I’ve defected from Blogspot to WordPress. I’ll leave a link back at Business Genius to here and hopefully my legions of readers will find me. It had become patently obvious that I was anything but a business genius and, not knowing how to change the title of the blog, I just decided to up sticks instead.

By way of an update, I’ve been over here in Denmark for about five months now. I’ve had to spend a lot of time working¬†back in the UK though as it’s not been easy finding work here in Copenhagen.

My last blog was becoming far too self-indulgent and just plain boring. I’ll do my best to make this a bit more interesting and less of a miserable experience for readers.

I’ve realised I’ve missed a good opportunity in that I’ve not really written anything about my actual experiences here. Denmark is not exactly the other side of the world but it has been an eye-opening experience in lots of ways. So you can expect some fascinating insights as I try and figure out the Danish psyche. It’s not going to be easy as they are a pretty inscrutable bunch.

What else? More photos hopefully, links to some good Danish bands, and, of course, updates on my ongoing and seemingly futile attempts at finding work. Cheers.