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Arrested Development

The funniest show I’ve seen in ages, now sadly at an end.

MSN Video have quite a few episodes available in a really high-quality stream and they will add more over the year until all 53 are available.

Click here to waste an entire evening.


South Sjælland

I went on a roadtrip today. Way, way south of the city to the middle of nowhere.

Once you get about 20 minutes outside Copenhagen, you’re more or less on your own.

You see fewer and fewer cars. The classic 7-storey Copenhagen buildings give way to farmhouses, occasional industrial estates and hamlets which don’t appear to be populated.

It reminded me of the first time I came to Denmark. I arrived at Århus airport and my girlfriend picked me up.

We drove the half an hour or so back to her parents’ house and I don’t think we saw more than five or six cars.

As today’s trip dragged on, I became gradually more introspective. The countryside passed by in a featureless blur. Memories of childhood trips to my grandparents’ holiday home in Norfolk swum to the surface. I saw myself, back pressed against a fir tree, desperately trying to shield myself from the torchbeams in a midnight game of Spotlight.

I looked back at the major events in my life, trying to plot a course to my present.

I could find no pattern; nothing but sequential randomness, cross-veined with conflicting urges, desires, needs and, above all, hopes.

This is how it is, I guess. We grope. Stumble forwards. Try.


I went to Stengade with some friends last night. We got inside and my friends went upstairs and I stayed downstairs and listened to the band, Littl’ans.

I danced alone and lost myself for a little while. Then I went backstage and found myself in the middle of a foodfight with Swedes and Danes pitched against the English.

Afterwards I went to look for my friends but I couldn’t find them. I danced a bit more on my own and then left.

Outside, a heavy blanket of snow had settled on Copenhagen. Cars were abandoned mid-street, pretty couples in heels and pumps struggled home.

Taxis ambled along Nørrebrogade, gathering up the stragglers.

In Jagtvej, two bare-chested teenage boys were chucking snowballs up at their mates atop Ungdomshuset.

The sounds of their glee rang hollow and clear down the empty street, following me as far as Jægersborggade.

I got into bed and slept.

Leave it to the professionals

I love Flickr and I love wandering around Copenhagen aimlessly with my five-year-old digital camera slung round my neck trying to look like I know what I’m doing.

The truth is I don’t.

But thankfully there’s plenty of people out there who do.

People like Mark Knudsen for instance.

My sweetheart in the snow

She wheeled her bike along the last stretch of the pavement. Behind her, the trail of her tyres was slowly erased, the flattened flakes replaced by fresh snowfall.


I need a room, preferably in Nørrebro, so if any of my readers can help me out or know someone that has a room going, please drop me a mail at azbateman(@)gmail(dot)com.

Mikael strikes again

Thanks again to my favourite Copenhagen photographer Mikael Colville-Andersen for the snow scene I’m using above.

If there’s another photographer out there who’s better at capturing the essence of Copenhagen life, I’m yet to see their work.

Mikael’s Flickr.