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Free TV?

I just came across this site which promises 10 channels for Danes to stream on their PCs or Macs.

The UK version is launching soon.

I haven’t downloaded it as I don’t watch TV anymore but for those of you that do – knock yourselves out.



Swedes and Aussies

The Shout Out Louds usually churn out pretty cool videos but their latest, for Tonight I Have to Leave It, seems a bit aimless to me. Maybe you need to be Swedish to get it.

But it’s a lovely song so I’ll put it up anyway.

Just quickly, Architecture in Helsinki release their third album later this year and the first single – Heart It Races – is up on their Myspace page. It’s pretty nuts.

I’ve also added Damien Jurado’s What Were the Chances to the box on the right.

Have a lovely Saturday.


Hanging’s too good for ’em

The way we hang our clothes is obviously one of life’s most important issues.

As a result, I have searched the web to bring you two cutting edge solutions.

If those wooden Ikea hangers made life intolerable, and if the hook on the back of your door sent you spiralling into depression then help is at hand.

A while ago I blogged about Ivy – a nifty little invention that you stick to your walls, like, well, ivy, and which you can then artfully hang your scarves, shawls and fluorescent nu-rave caps on. ivy.jpg

The problem is once you’ve found the optimum ratio of garment to ivy, you’ll never be able to use that piece of clothing again.

Anyway, Ivy is now for sale! Hurrah. Click here for more information.

If the idea of sticking pieces of pointy plastic on your whitewashed living room wall is too revolutionary, then I have another solution that is right up your alley.


magnet.jpg But hang on, didn’t we just say that hangers are just way too boring? Well, these are no ordinary hangers. These are magnetic. 

That’s right, they stick to metal.

And they’re all cool and angular and, for optimum uselessness, I think they even swivel!

Tragically, I don’t think these are available to the average consumer yet.

More information, though, is available here.

Death by Kite giveaway

p1050801.jpgTusind tak to the folks over at Quartermain Records who have chucked a few copies of Death by Kite’s new album my way.

The first four people who get in touch using the comment form below will win themselves a shiny new copy.

Just type in your email and click submit.

Posts about crap and lovely CD giveaways all in one day. What more can you ask for?

Har du normal afføring?

Danish class just got a lot more interesting – now I can ask people how their crap is.

I can also tell people that it hurts when I pee.


The Shaky Hands


Far and away my fave music blog is Said the gramophone.

Their most recent tip-off is The Shaky Hands.

You can listen to Summer’s Life in the fancy new Box thing on the right.

It will cheer you up and make you think about something sad, all at once. 

But in a good way.

Are you an Art Rebel?

Clearly the work of some creative trendies with far too much time on their hands, Art Rebels is Copenhagen’s coolest (insert random word) collective.

A networking community, fledgling record label, fashion and art fanzine . . . I dunno, they seem to have it all covered.

I went to a party they DJd at on Friday and it was pretty cool. Cool as in I actually had a fight for the first time in my life and then woke up in the morning, still dressed and with the scary music from Silence of the Lambs playing on repeat on my computer.

You can read their online fanzine, and sign up for news about events etc (and hopefully invites), at their website.

Which is here.