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World-changing photography

Most of the pictures here will be familiar to you but seeing them all together, and with concise, informative descriptions, makes for fascinating viewing.

Images that changed the world. 


March on Moscow

At the start of the 1812-13 campaign against Russia, Napoleon’s army numbered 422,000.

He returned to Paris with fewer than 10,000 survivors.

Now, you can commemorate one of history’s greatest acts of folly with a poster!

The prints are reproductions of the original by Charles Joseph Minard and are available from graphic designer extraordinaire Edward Tufte’s webshop.

Minard’s genius was his simplicity. The pink coloured band shows the army’s march to Moscow and the dark coloured band the retreat. There and back. Along the way, he ties in information on statistics, temperature and so on.

(Thanks to Mr Kab for the link to Edward Tufte.) 


Copenhagen neighbours

Thanks to Zakka for the beautiful image i’ve pinched for my new header.

More of his amazing shots will you find here.

Carpe diem

Seen on Random Vandal.


The guys at Sweet Talk pulled off a bit of a bit of a coup this evening, selling out the only Scandinavian screening to date of the documentary Helvetica.

Part historical background and part investigation into the font’s impact on graphic design, the film ends with the intriguing premise that we are all graphic designers now, busy personalising our Myspace pages and crafting our online personalities. Branding ourselves, in other words.

Anyway, check it out if you get the chance.

They’ve got fucking lasers

The best homepage ever.


Of scarves and hearts

I found this daubed on a wall near where I live last night.


‘I have your scarf, you have my heart’