Viva Radio . . .

. . .is the latest string to the American Apparel bow.

It’s ‘underwritten’ by the company, whatever the hell that means, and is apparently playing in all their stores.

Whenever I see American Apparel ads on the net (see here for an example) I’m torn by how infuriatingly smug they are but then I realise it’s because their pitch is so ‘effing perfect and I actually want to buy into their brand.

They’ve got the 20-something-disaffected-indiekid-cool thing down pat. Who wouldn’t want to dress in artfully minimalist tees and cardigans and lounge around in boho bars discussing design projects?

Anyway, Copenhagen doesn’t have an American Apparel store as far as I’m aware but with Viva Radio you can recreate the experience of shopping in one in the comfort of your own home.

Simply turn it up (sample tracks selected at random from their playlist: Stevie Wonder – Do like you, Deerhoof – +81, Erase Errata – Marathon) and then walk around your living room trying on clothes, pausing occasionally to ask your partner for the name of the track that’s playing. What larks.

Viva Radio. 


1 Response to “Viva Radio . . .”

  1. 1 Mark August 22, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    There is no place to buy American Apparel clothing in Copenhagen anymore… There was a shop a couple of years ago that sold shirts and boxers, but it is closed now.

    You can see a huge store in Berlin, though, and the online store ships from Germany, so there’s no extra taxes or anything like it.

    It truly are the best shirts in the world, and I hope they’ll open a store here soon. We deserve it, dammit!

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