Fishing for tadpoles

I decided to get the train today. I don’t know why; it wasn’t raining and there was nothing wrong with my bike. I think I just wanted to be transported with minimal effort.

One stop along, a class of schoolkids got on. They were five or six and were all clutching fishing nets, buckets and jars. They filled the carriage with their chatter, looking earnestly and with curious eyes at the beleagured adults on their tiresome commute.

Their two teachers, a good-looking man and woman both in their early 30s, held tightly onto their takeaway coffee and moved up and down the carriage, gently manoeuvering the children into spare seats, picking up stray nets and exchanging knowing looks with the other passengers.

I don’t quite know what point I’m making here. I was only with them for a couple of stops and then I left them, heading out to the country to splash in ponds and catch minnows.


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