One of the joys of working for a smaller company like Eye for Image is the speed with which you can make things happen.

During a series of recent internal strategy meetings, my bosses and I got onto the subject of online marketing, and the potential value of business blogging.

I explained that I maintained my own blog and that I had a passionate interest in social media.

We exchanged some ideas – some numbers were mentioned – and, about a week after the subject was first raised, it was agreed that we’d launch our own blog.

I was given the go-ahead to lead the project and asked Spoiled Milk – whose WordPress blog is skinned to mirror the look and feel of their main site – to come up with something similar for us.

We wanted synergy between the two areas, with a simple button prominently displayed on the homepage signposting visitors to the blog.

The guys worked amazingly fast and, just a few days after sitting down with them, the blog was ready to go.

It’s been up and running for a few days now and the hits are increasing rapidly, and that’s without a shred of marketing.

The reason we decided to launch ‘dark’ was the imminent arrival of our brand new site (if you know our existing site, you’ll know why we need a new site!)

We are already hard at work on some marketing campaigns for that and so we thought it was best to launch the blog on the existing site with little or no fanfare just to give staff here a chance to familiarise themselves with the WordPress system.

The blog itself is a forum for us to write about communications issues here in Denmark and engage with customers in a more direct and, hopefully, humorous way.

There is also a serious side though. Blogs can generate much more traffic than ordinary sites and our hope is that by taking the lead in the debates that are most relevant to our customers – the encroachment of English into Danish business life, the economy, Danish take-up of new media tools etc – we can position ourselves as the communications experts.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Visit the blog here.


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