I don’t know anything

Love your friends, seek out the sun, cycle, dispense with your tv, read, say yes mostly . . but know when to say no, exfoliate, moisturise, wear clean underwear, clean behind your ears, clip your toenails, think positively . . even about your negative thoughts, try to travel, take a different route home sometimes, don’t listen to the same tracks on new albums all the time, learn to handwash. . sew. . change fuses, eat icecream in the sun, take walks to places you haven’t been before, don’t think badly about your friends if they don’t contact you for a while, believe in yourself, change your bedlinen regularly, make coffee for your housemate when she is hungover, eat fruit, cook, live as sustainably as you can, visit the dentist regularly, don’t ignore random pains in your ears, don’t smoke but don’t judge those who do, give old clothes to charity and don’t attach too much importance to labels, trust your instincts, look forwards but learn from your past, don’t bear grudges, accept change, eschew the glib advice of those who give it too freely. Trust in yourself.


1 Response to “I don’t know anything”

  1. 1 Dez April 7, 2007 at 7:13 am

    Lovely words and thoughts…
    Is this the new “Wear Sunscreen”…? (http://www.bondon.com/sunscreen_song.html)
    Just need a good background track and I think you are there 😉

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