I’ve just come out of a very interesting client meeting.

Leaving aside the fact that my pathological fear of breaking wind during a meeting seems to be getting worse, client meetings are always a pleasure here.

Danes are generally a fairly serious lot but they have a pleasingly laid-back approach to business.

There’s always coffee, and usually some snacks on offer too. I was even given a homemade piece of carrot cake once.

After some initial chitchat about the weather (bright blue skies, warm), we got down to the brass tacks.

This client has developed a potentially revolutionary piece of security software which is more or less unhackable.

It would take every computer in the world using every kilabyte of processing power to even get close to it apparently. Or something like that anyway.

The chap told us that he had applied for a patent in the US and had been whisked away by the FBI who demanded a back-door to the software. He politely declined, explaining that it wasn’t feasible.

Anyway, we’re going to be working on some marketing materials for him hopefully.

I can’t really tell you much more but, even though I know next to nothing about computer security, i’m fairly sure this software is going to make this guy a lot of money.

It’s days like today which really make this job so enjoyable.

Sitting and talking to ingenious, extremely clever people just starting out with their company and helping to plan their next steps. In my experience, self-employed people are often slightly more interesting company than us wage slaves.

Perhaps it’s that feeling of standing or falling by the strength of their ideas that gives them an edge.

For my part, I guess a lot of my enjoyment is knowing that I have something they really need, too.

Thank goodness for English I say.


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