Faderhuset revealed

I have been sent a translation of Jeppe Kabell’s post from Monday where he describes his experiences at a Faderhuset (Fatherhouse) service, including a ‘victory speech’ by Ruth Evensen.

Ruth is the leader of the Fatherhouse, the Christian sect which owns Ungdomshuset (Youthhouse), or at the very least, the land where it once stood.

The translator has asked not to be named but I would like to thank them. I think it’s great that non-Danes can get a flavour of what this organisation is all about.

Jeppe has since been besieged by the Danish media requesting interviews. I did a quick search of the main Danish news sites and found this  TV2 article which Danish readers will probably already be aware of. 

Yesterday (Sunday) I was at a service in the Fatherhouse. I greeted Ruth Evensen, her son Simon Peter and the others.

The experience was special, particularly because:

   * it was the first service after the Youthhouse were cleared
   * it was first service after the heavy violence in Copenhagen
   * there were a relatively large police force outside the church   (but no demonstrators)
   * there was a lot of security at the entrance and during the service by a private security agency
   * I and my three fellow students were probably the only non-members present at the meeting
   * because during her speech Ruth Evensen directly addressed me the four of us and asked us to bring a message to Denmark

At the entrance we were searched, and during the service a security guard was positioned right behind our row of seats.

Before the service started, we were welcomed by Simon Peter Evensen.

Then Ruth came and greeted us and asked nicely who we were and why we had come.

We explained the context, and she said that we were more than welcome (we are writing a project at Roskilde University on fundamental Christianity).

Right before Simon Peter started the service, we were asked if we had any recording equipment, clearly because they would not tolerate it if we were recording during service.

*Ruth’s Victory Speech*
After an hour of paean and an hour of sermon by Martin Bergsøe on the horribles of postmodernism and humanism, Ruth began.

Here is a little extract, slightly summarized:

“It is so rare that we talk about the Youthhouse here in the Fatherhouse. But today I will make an exception.

“In the past five years, you have financed the monthly rent of 60,000, which we had to pay month after month, while the house was occupied.

“I am proud of you and I would like to praise you for your perseverance. The Fatherhouse has won!”

The members of the sect, which numbers approximately 40 people, erupted into wild joy and shouting.

“It has only succeeded because there was a woman, a woman of God, who dared to stand firm.

“Only because there was a Ruth Evensen, who did not move a millimeter, but has kept on doing what God had ordered her – that’s me.

“Many media, and also Ritt Bjerregaard during the meeting at the town hall, have asked me why I did not sell the house and harvest the profit.

“I laugh at them – how stupid are they? We understand that God has ordered us to buy that house, and becauseI have held on to his promise, we have won. That is the power we have when we belong to God.”

Wild joy and big applause.

“The media have exposed us to public contempt. The autonome mock us and claim that they defend a culture that we attack.

“They throw stones and set innocent people’s cars on fire, oppose the police and block the streets so that women giving birth cannot get to the hospital.

“I am sorry, but if you behave like that, how can you claim that you defend a culture? That is not culture but just Satan who fights a hopeless battle against God.

“God has big plans with the Fatherhouse. Most believe that we soon will be able to breathe again. But it will not be so. Is it not fantastic that a church of orthodox and disciplined Christians could have such a society-changing force?

“We have exposure not just in Denmark but accross the world. What say you? What do you think the next should be? What about homosexuality?”

Ruth raised her voice more and more.

“Denmark has adapted to the spirit of the time and the established church marrys homosexuals. It is not natural for two people of the same sex to be together. Excuse me, but we are just not physically arranged for that!

“And what about lesbians who seemingly should have artificial
insemination? Two women who have children? That is not God’s will!

“And what about pornography, huh? What about abortion? What about incest, huh? That is next. We have the strength and we have faith.

“We live in a society where children play with satanic toys. Play with monsters. The Fatherhouse will change Denmark.

“We have the force to do it, the society-changing force. Why do other Christians not have this power? Because they are lukewarm. We can only win by having a strong leadership and a disciplined church.”

Now Ruth turned to us four: “You high school students (apparantly Ruth Evensen thinks that Roskilde University is a high school) can go out and tell all the others, that this is how it is.”

She pointed down at us. “This is how we are. Our force will change Denmark!”

Again to the members of the sect: “It is clear that when you experience terrible things as those on Nørrebro, then you become a bit scared. But you shall not be. Nørrebro does not stand a chance.”

The service ended with joyous cheering, dance and christian rock about fighting God’s fight in this world.


7 Responses to “Faderhuset revealed”

  1. 1 Russell March 7, 2007 at 9:14 am

    Faderhuset fully supports “Moses” Hansen, a man who openly walked through Nørrebro carrying a cross and chanting anti-islamic statements.

  2. 2 Tim March 7, 2007 at 11:59 pm

    Aw, I never realised these were Christians. Fucking hell. Here was me trying to stay neutral and detached. Fuck ’em all to hell. Bigots.

  3. 3 Mark March 10, 2007 at 11:40 pm

    I actually thought about making my own translation of this, so more people could enjoy it and fully understand why many people – me included – don’t think it’s better to have a fundamentalist running around Nørrebro than it is to have some punkers smoking weed and throwing concerts (not stones!)…

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