Farvel Ungdomshuset

Well, Ungdomshuset is no more. Seeing it in ruins really upset me for some reason.

It was a permanent fixture in my life for over a year.

I loved cycling past and seeing the graffiti and the messages of defiance – it helped remind me that there are still those prepared to resist our headlong plunge into conformity and dullness.

The Guardian has an intriguing debate going on on the issue.


3 Responses to “Farvel Ungdomshuset”

  1. 1 Dez March 6, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    Thanks for all your recent comments about Ungdomshuset and in particular to the link to the (IMHO) excellent article on “The Grauniad” website!

    Myself being another Englishman in Copenhagen (and not yet especially adept in the Dansk sprog), I’ve been trying to follow the stories and issues related to Ungdomshuset as best I can, with the reports in the English speaking media and some nicely translated pieces by Danish/Other authors!

    I think I have actually been looking for a bit more criticism of the recent violence. While some of the comments on this site (http://beta.kimcm.dk/index.php/category/riots/) are perhaps bordering on right-wing stereotyping, it has given me some interesting points of view to digest!

    Cheers, Dez

    “If I am against violence, can I still claim to want to fight for the right for vigorous discourse on contentious subjects?”

  2. 2 aaron78 March 6, 2007 at 1:37 pm

    Having been rather too close for comfort the last time it all kicked off, I lost a lot of sympathy for the protestors. It was obvious many of them had come from outside Copenhagen just for a ruck.

    Having said that, I can’t help but admire the staunch beliefs of the genuine protestors. While violence never solved anything, they’ve stood up for their rights (as they see them) and waved a fist in the face of those who view any form of difference as subversive at best, and downright dangerous at best.

    As for the rights and wrongs, I am not coming down on any side. This blog is independent!

  3. 3 aaron78 March 6, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    D’oh, the above should read ‘downright dangerous at worst’, and not ‘at best’.

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