Goodbye Jyske Bank

A while ago I blogged about the difficulties I had opening an account with Jyske Bank.

A few people advised me to steer clear of them in the first place, but being a big bank with plenty of branches etc, I opted for convenience.

It would be fair to say that their service has been little short of shambolic.

When I opened the account in the city centre branch close to where I work, I specifically requested it as my home branch.

This is important because certain functions can only be conducted at your home branch.

Needless to say, the incompetent twats randomly registered me at a branch in Østerbro.

So when I went in to the city branch today to request a replacement card (my first one has decided to stop working), I was told I would have to go to Østerbro.

I asked why they couldn’t ring them for me and switch me to the city branch and the guy said he ‘didn’t have time’.

So I came back to the office and rang the Østerbro people.

They said they couldn’t help as they had no proof of who I was as all the copies of my ID, contract etc were held at the city branch.

Swallowing the urge to scream profanely at the top of my voice, I calmly pointed out that I was losing patience.

I explained what had happened when I first opened an account and said that I was considering joining another bank.

No response.

Then we got onto the subject of the Dankort. I had been given an Electron and told that I would have to wait six months for a Dankort.

It took about three days for me to realise how much of an inconvenience this was going to be.

Hardly any shops here accept Electron so I had to carry around large bundles of cash.

The Dankort has a Visa function and is universally accepted here.

But as Jyske Bank have no history on me, they wouldn’t let me have one.

A couple of months down the track and with my salary going in regularly, I decided to try again, only to be refused once more.

I understand the reasoning but one of my colleagues here (also an expat new to the country) has an account at a small Internet bank which was only too happy to give her a Dankort.

If they give me an account I’ll give them a nice big plug on here.

Stay tuned.


1 Response to “Goodbye Jyske Bank”

  1. 1 Sam January 26, 2007 at 8:02 pm

    I have Skandibanken, I’ve had no probs. My parents have a real problem using UK VISA in DK, especially in supermarkets.

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