News chopper

8pm: TV2 have got a video up of some of the action. Go to 19:00 Lørdag and click on Demonstration på Nørrebro. Unless anything major happens, I’m calling it a night.

7.30pm: Things have gone a bit quiet so I’ve been doing some research into the Ungdomshuset. My friend Russell Quinn has given a great synopsis of the situation, here.

7pm: Shopowners whose premises have been damaged are calling for compensation from the Københavns Kommune (city council), and professing their anger that the authorities could allow this dispute with the Ungdomshuset to spiral out of control so disastrously.

6.50pm: The police say they will not try and enter the house tonight.

6.45pm: The arrest figure is revised down to 60 to 70. And then immediately revised upwards to 300.

6.35pm: TV2 have just read out an email they just received from the youth house. ‘We will not give up the youth house, not even while we are being gassed and beaten by the police. We did not want a confrontation with the police but they provoked it by running over our friends.’

6.30pm: This video was added to YouTube three days ago. It gives you a good idea of what’s been going on this evening.

6.15pm update: Over 200 arrests, two protestors seriously injured.

I’m watching TV2 News and they are showing a live feed from their news chopper.

We mute the TV and we can hear the helicopter.

The demonstrators are barricading themselves into the house and the police can’t get near because of some strategically placed fires.

It’s strange seeing the helicopter coverage – this is all taking place round the corner from my street so it’s all familiar.

Anne is doing a great job of translating for me…the police are apparently about to move in on the youth house.

Every now and then I can hear a massive bang, too loud to be firecrackers or fireworks.

I think the police tactics are to squeeze the protestors out towards Osterbro but there is not one large mass of them so it’s difficult. The police say the ‘anarchists’ are all over town now.

Windows all over the place have been smashed, breathless correspondents are doing a great job making it all sound dramatic. Which, to be fair, it is!


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