What a banker

I opened my first Danish bank account last week. But only just.

I went into Jyske Bank, one of the bigger Danish concerns, with all the appropriate paperwork and politely asked to give them my salary every month in exchange for a debit card.

A reasonable request, you might think.

But apparently not.

After considering my entreaty, the chap explained that Jyske was ‘not that kind of bank’ and suggested that I go elsewhere.

‘So you don’t have any accounts you can offer me?’ I asked.

‘No, it’s not that,’ he went on, ‘it’s just that we are more of an advisory bank.’

‘I see, so you don’t want foreigners joining your bank?’ I retorted.

‘No, no, we just are more of an advisory service,’ he repeated.

‘So, it’s because I’m not depositing any money then?’

‘No, it’s just we’re not that sort of bank.’

I felt pretty bewildered at this point, but anger was beginning to boil beneath the surface, like a fart.

I said that it was strange that they apparently had plenty of account options for my (Danish) student girlfriend but none for me.

‘Oh, your girlfriend has an account here?’

Out came all the paperwork, welcome to Jyske Bank.

I should have told them where to stick their fucking account.


4 Responses to “What a banker”

  1. 1 You know me November 22, 2006 at 8:11 pm

    The answer is to go to another bank and open an account there.

    Leave the Jyske one open but with no money in it. Ask for a meeting with an “advisor” about mortgages, pension, savings etc….. listen intently and then about a week later, tell them you have accepted a better offer elsewhere.

    This will get recorded in their computers as a loss and count against the “advisor” and the branch manager when it comes to bonus time.

    Remember to close the account before the end of the quarter otherwise they might try to charge you something.

    Anyway, why the fuck does anyone in Copenhagen want an account at Jyske Bank?

  2. 2 aaron78 November 23, 2006 at 7:16 pm

    Thanks for the advice. A lot of people are telling me the same thing…

  3. 3 Colville-Andersen November 27, 2006 at 10:19 am

    Exactly my advice. Open the account and then close it later. And where possible, avoid the big banks. Go for one of the smaller ones like Arbejdernes Landsbank. My wife and I just moved all of our banking affairs to Løkken, of all places. In Northern Jutland. Great service, better interest rates, good netbank. After years of Danskebank/Nordea/Sydbank it is refreshing.

  1. 1 Goodbye Jyske Bank « Something rotten Trackback on January 2, 2007 at 8:16 pm

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