Cafe Gavlen


Given that Cafes and Bars is a category on my blog, I’ve decided that I should actually try and write about some.

To that end I’ve been spending my Sundays wandering around Norrebro in search of some nice places to write about.

For the past few weeks, these walks have taken me down Skt Hans Gade towards Sortedam Dossering and the lakes.

It’s a nice part of town. Antique stores jostle with boutiques while nearby Skt Hans Torv and Elmegade heave with the local trendies.

Cafe Gavlen (which I think means the Gable Cafe) is a cosy neighbourhood place with a French bistro feel.

p1040333.JPG I walked in and was greeted with the customary wall of smoke. It never ceases to amaze me how many Danes smoke.

It is almost as if that in paying so much tax they feel obliged to smoke themselves to death in order to recoup some of their outlay in hospital treatment.

Anyway, my first impressions were good. The clientele was pretty eclectic (well-heeled older ladies, a father and daughter and the obligatory crowd of hungover 20-somethings still with the fug of a Saturday night thick around them). Brunch was in full-flow but it wasn’t hectic.

We found a couple of leather armchairs in the corner and sat back and leafed through the free mags.

I noticed a TV in the corner and I expect they show footy in the evenings.

Sometimes it’s difficult to really tell why one cafe stands out from any other. Copenhagen is blessed with dozens of cosy little places like this, after all.

I guess it’s just a feeling at the end of the day, your personal sensibilities dimly agreeing with the sensory data.

Or something.

Where: Ryesgade 1, Norrebro

Website: Cafe Gavlen


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